We create true, impactful VR stories. With a background of traditional media and video series production, we use the latest in high-resolution 360 capture and immersive sound to fully immerse the viewer into another world. We use the medium to capture what it truly feels like - an experience like none other.


This VR film transports you into the true story of the escape of two 11-year-old girls from Syria and their fateful, serendipitous friendship after being threatened by ISIS. Premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival 2016 and is something unlike anything seen before in current VR documentaries.

0003_Extreme Earth.jpg

Extreme Earth

Pilot currently in development, this series takes you to the ends of the earth and back, exploring the wilderness and bleak environments exposing the effects of climate change, in a unique and powerful immersive experience.

0002_Refugees at Risk.jpg

Refugees on the Move 

We travel the world and travel with refugees as they search for a new home. We travel through Europe, through the jungles of Central America and elsewhere, and capture every compelling detail of their journey. Pilot currently in development. 

0004_Lords of the Slums.jpg

Lords of the Slums 

We track down and profile charismatic characters who lead fascinating lives in slums around the world, including Jalouzi in Haiti, and India’s Dharavi Slum, where one million people are packed into one square mile. Pilot currently in development. 

0001_Children at Work.jpg

Kids at Work 

A teenage smuggler in Mexico, a boy who cleans toilets in Yemen while his country is at war, a girl forced into marriage and a job in a sweatshop in Bangladesh — these are among the stories of children working in dangerous situations. Pilot currently in development. 

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